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Piermont Valve & Control
Piermont Valve & Control


Piermont Valve & Control is a manufacturer of a wide variety of valves and devices for the control of fluids and gases. Our products serve a broad range of industrial, aerospace, medical, military, transportation and related applications.
Our specialty is specials!

Piermont Industries is a Full Capability Manufacturer Providing:

Custom Valves: Ball | Block & Bleed | Butterfly (HPBV) | Check | Flow Regulating | Fuse | Isolation | Pilot | Plug | Pressure Blocking | Pressure Reducing | Pressure Regulating | Regulator | Relay | Relief | Selector | Shutoff | Sleeve | Solenoid | Squib | Time Delay | Wafer

Special Flow Devices & Systems: Specialty Devices and Systems for "Out of the Ordinary" Applications

Emergency Shutdown Systems: Custom Integrated Valves for Extreme Reliability & Stand-Alone Service

Gauge Savers: Advanced Devices for Protecting Gauges & Transducers from Pulsations, Spikes & Excess Pressure

Submersible Switches: Pressure, FLow, Depth, and Position Switches for Subsea and Downhole Service

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